Richard Ogier
Richard Ogier 13/01/1958 to 15/03/2014

Pictures of the funeral courtesy of the Guernsey Press

Guernsey Press "Lives Remembered" 18/06/2014

"À la perchoine" is Guernsey French for "Until we meet again"
Jerbourg Point memorial to Richard and Ceri

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La Grande Mare Golf Club Tour to Lake Como in Italy in 2004

Thanks to John Barker for the photos

Thanks to you all for your kind words many of which are below

Hi Charlie,

Margaret and I were deeply shocked to hear of the passing of Richard, who was a dear friend of ours over a 45 yr period. We really appreciate your effort to contact us. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your sister at this difficult time, especially on Tuesday.We were blessed to know Richard and have many great memories especially when we visited Guernsey after moving to Australia and when he ventured down to see us in Aus.  Richard  was very quick-witted and intuitive although waving his Union-Jack T-shirt in front of the members bar at the WACA cricket ground at the end of a Aus V England one day match,was entertaining but not a wise move as the beer cans rained down on us!

He was such a generous and welcoming friend whenever we visited Guernsey ...we will sadly miss him,
Kind Regards,
Matthew and Margaret
Karnup, Western Austrailia
Hello everyone,
On behalf of Richard's Aunty Mona and cousins Di and husband Steve, To and husband Chris, Stephen and wife Trini and Andrew we would like to say how devastated we were to hear about Richard's passing. He was way too young and will be very much missed by us all. Our families spent many summer holidays together in Guernsey as we were growing up-I remember the house in Jerbourg and lots of time at Cobo where our great aunts lived.

When we moved to New Zealand in 1968 we kept in touch by letter but it wasn't until I returned to the UK in 1976 that I renewed my friendship with Richard-we had lots of visits to his flat in Camberwell when he was doing his articles in London-he even helped Stephen and I buy our first house! I went back to live in New Zealand in 1985 and I remember well a rugby trip that Charlie and Richard made to NZ when they managed to catch up with us all!! The last time I saw Charlie, Richard and Janey was back in 1995 when I made a trip to Guernsey specifically to see them. Time passed along and I maintained contact with Richard through the years, the ups and the downs, and was so pleased that things seemed to be working out for him. This is such a cruel blow to all of you left behind. I will remember him as that fun-loving, rugby- mad cousin who should have had many more happy years in front of him.
Adieu dear Ricardo
With our love
Di and Steve
Auckland, New Zealand
Dear Charlie and Sally
Thank you for letting us know.  I am sure the logistics must be a nightmare, and dealing with it when you are shocked and grieving can only add to the anxiety. We are both deeply saddened by Richard's sudden passing;  both Mark and I have lots of independent fond memories which we feel blessed to be able to chuckle about together.  I am pleased to report that it was Mark, and not me, who has tales of room sharing!  It was Mark who slept on the bathroom floor due to your brother's volcanic snoring ... Happily asleep (finally) with his head under the sink and feet under the loo he was awoken by a memorable sight (I swear he's still having flashbacks!) of 'Oge' standing over him to pee!!! Richard was special to both of us in different ways.  He has certainly taught me more 'life lessons' than I care to admit;  he gave Mark innumerable reasons to chuckle;  and above all he was a man of enormous integrity.  I will miss my slightly irregular, but regular, coffees with him.

Please accept our truly heartfelt and sincere sympathy which we'd like you to pass to Janey too. We've lost touch so we'd like her to know that she is in our thoughts too. Finally I have 2 'requests', one is easy, we'd like to send a card/note to Jacques, where should we send it?  The second is, we would like to send a card or note to Kerry.  Not only must she be in total shock but she must feel pretty isolated too.  She brought Richard so much happiness and he was so clearly besotted that we'd like to offer her our condolences. Sorry to ramble on but I wasn't sure whether to make contact or not and I'm pleased to have had the chance to send you both and Janey our deepest sympathy.
With our love
Shauna and Mark x
Dear Charlie,

I was very saddened to hear about Richard's sudden death.
He was a good friend and we shared many adventures together over the years.

Thanks and my sympathies again.

Sean Martin Cert PFS
Managing Director
2mi Financial Services Limited
Hi, thank you for the info. I knew Richard from my having a timeshare at La Grande Mare for over 20 years and played golf with him during my visits and on the tours organised by John Barker. We had many happy times and I was obviously very sorry to hear the news. I live in Spain now an will not be able to make the journey to Guernsey and have asked John to represent me. Please pass on my condolences to the family, particularly his son who I got to know when I stayed with the family on a couple of occasions.
Kind regards
Ray Edmonds
Good afternoon Charlie

I played cricket with your brother for the optimists and he was my advocate and will-maker. We therefore knew each other well and I was very sad to hear of his death. My condolences to you and the rest of the family.

I live in France now and regret I shall not be able to attend the funeral as I have a hospital appointment on Monday afternoon and the only flight on Tuesday would arrive after the service, so please accept my apologies. I hope a good number attend to celebrate Richard's life and that a few ales are downed in his memory afterwards as he would have wanted.

Kind regards

John Beasley
Dear Charlie and Janey,

I was so sorry to hear of Richard's death.  Nick phoned me on Saturday to tell me. Di has forwarded me the newspaper article and the email written by his work colleague. He sounds like a man that will be remembered for his humanity amongst many other things.  What could be more important than that.
My thoughts are with you both at this very sad time.
Cousin Caroline
Dear Charlie and Sally,
Just to say how sorry we are to hear about Richard,we are amazed and devastated about his death. I feel so sorry for his lovely girlfriend, Janey had only mentioned about their possible  wedding this week to me. I don't know what else to say, I am shocked.
Anyway we send you our love and condolences.
Bar and Pip.xxx
Dear Charlie,

I had the privilege of meeting Richard one Saturday morning some 20 years ago.
Richard turned up at La Grande Mare Golf Club for his first golf lesson. We stood to the right hand side of what was then a pitch and putt area and he learnt the game. For a good number of the following Saturdays we would stand in the same place and worked on his golf game.

Following this Richard started to play golf in ernest. I had the pleasure of many trips to France with him and John Barker and then over time with the larger groups. Richard also visited me with various friends during my time spent In Kent at Knole Park Golf Club. Once he and Robin Warlow stopped off for a game before heading of to one of the rugby world cups. We played golf, we socialised and overall we had some great fun and friendship. Good memories.

On my return to Guernsey one of the first men on the scene along with Mr Barker to say hi and turn up with clubs was Richard in the usual gang of suspects. Great times and good memories.
Richard has also helped many times in a professional nature as well and without his help in a number of matters I am sure we would have come a little unstuck.
Having not seen Richard recently for a few months he turned up for a golf lesson the Tuesday before his passing.

We chatted and had a laugh and got some things going to work on with his golf game. He said he was looking forward to getting into the golf again and working toward his previous above average golf level. I then said "if you remember Richard...(I never called him Oge for some reason dont know why!) this is exactly where we stood and had our first golf lessons years ago the only difference is that the area is now a covered space and its all poshed up the techi gadgets."  He said he was looking forward to "starting again in the same place!!" and booked his lesson for the following week................

We will never have that lesson now and I won't get the chance to charge Richard's golfing battery and get him keen again but I will never forget him as an individual person, a fun golfing partner and a good all round egg who always told me I drove too fast when we were away on trips!!

All the golfing gang present and past will miss his company out on the course and in the clubhouse but they will all remember him everytime they go out to play

best wishes to all your family

Phil Sykes
Dear Charlie, Sally, Janey and Jacques.

How very sorry we were to hear that Richard had passed away so suddenly and unexpectedly. His Loss must leave a huge void in your lives. I know that you were all very close and supported each other in so many ways. We feel deeply for you as you begin to come to terms with his untimely passing away.We can only wish you resolve in your way forward and re-adjustment.

On a personal note I have very happy memories of Richard from the Summer of '76 when he was working at the Manor Hotel during the holidays. We all had a lot of fun and he could party!

I also remember him well in his professional role, an advocate,  he was most understanding, guiding and fair while helping me through a difficult patch in life.

We shall all miss him and our heartfelt condolences are with you.

Fondest best wishes,


Nick Andie and Lucy.


Richard the brother was supportive and generous, a wonderful word smith and a fun loving member of the family. He was however not a very practical man and his skills in the kitchen were legendary for all the wrong reasons so there was frequent bartering of Charlie's practical skills, Janey's culinary prowess and Richard's sharp mind which combined to make a strong and loving family.

He was a devoted son and a kind and thoughtful brother-in-law. His somewhat larger than life presence belied the gentleness of his approach and the considerate manner in which he dealt with anyone who turned to him for help be they in their twenties or their eighties. One story Sally can relate is that when she and Charlie married, Richard planned and implemented the most amazing method of welcoming Sally's then ten year old son into the bosom of the Ogier family by creating a quaint, slightly solemn but heartfelt court session based upon Marcus' name change by deed pole (something that is normally done with no ceremony at all). This thoughtfulness was something she will never forget.

Not everyone may be aware that Richard suffered a breakdown a few years ago and struggled to fight his demons with great dignity and courage coming through to demonstrate humility and great strength of character. Following his recovery he met Ceri (who is presently facing life threatening problems) and his unstinting love and support during her dark periods of treatment has been a massive source of her current phase of recovery. The latest years have undoubtedly been one of the happiest phases of his life and we have all noticed and been delighted at this joyous change in Richard. It would surely help those who loved him to take comfort from the fact that at the time of his tragically abrupt passing Richard's life was extremely happy and he was greatly looking forward to his forthcoming marriage to Ceri.

There is such a huge hole in our lives just now.

The Ogier family
Debbie here from Brisbane.

I have just heard the awful news about Richard. Charlie I am so sorry for you and your sister. What a shocking loss. My heart and prayers go out to you. We had such fun times in Australia didn't we?  I promise to send photos. There is a classic of you and me having a big hug in a nightclub somewhere.

Richard & I recently were in contact again by email prior to him finishing work. Then his new lady love & seemed to be having a great time travelling and making the most of their time together. I am truly at a loss of what to say other than the time I spent with your brother was special. Stay strong.  Love Debbie.

Thank you for letting me have your website address.  The tributes to Richard are something that can be shared by all of his friends for much time to come.

As with all who have written and spoken to you Fiona and I have very fond memories of Advi, especially when he returned to Guernsey in the early eighties and was a formidably figure in the Brit Rugby Team. You were present and party to many of the scrapes we found ourselves in.

The ELO music that played at the Town Church is one of my favourite albums.  It will always mean so much more whenever I play it now.

Best wishes

Tommo & Fiona

On the death of a friend and colleague, particularly when it is sudden, one can perhaps be over-sentimental.  I am not generally accused of being over-sentimental.

For those of you who have joined in recent years and our colleagues in Jersey who either frankly have not seen Richard at his best or did not know him, I thought it would be useful to set out the major contribution that Richard has made to this firm.

As is well known, Richard suffered health problems in recent years and was not a prominent person in the office.  He was a part-time consultant sitting in a corner office in the property department providing experienced advice and support to the property lawyers and conveyancers.

One should never look back unnecessarily and I do not intend to reminisce.However, without some history one cannot tell how we got to where we are today.

I joined Collas Day & Rowland in 1994.  Chris Bound and Sean Cheong were already in situ.  A very young, dark-haired Jason Green followed shortly after.

At this point, Richard had already been with the firm for 11 years.  The five of us worked together for the next 20 years.

Like many firms, the firm then was unrecognisable from today's modern law firm.  One could write a management text book on what was wrong with it.

For many years, Richard was the "staff partner".  This was pre-human resources.  If there was a staff problem or issue, Richard dealt with it or not, as the case may be.

Richard was a caring and considerate person and did not look at things or people in black and white terms.  He could see the other person's point of view.  He rarely rushed to judgement.  He helped a number of members of staff through difficult times.

One of his lasting legacies to the firm is his humanity.  We now have appraisals, objective settings and performance measurement.  However, we are not, like some of our competitors, an uncaring machine.  He recognised we are a people business.  Long may we remain so and keep our humanity.

Training was "on the job".  No structured programmes in the early days. Richard was meticulous in his work when supervising members of staff and junior lawyers.  He understood sentence construction, grammar, punctuation and spelling and could always be relied upon to add value to letters or opinions by his suggestions and corrections.

Numerous advocates and conveyancers in Guernsey, including our Partners Jason Green and Paul Nettleship, have benefitted from his training, supervision and red pen.

Through Richard's tenure as head of Property until 2008, he built an experienced top quality Property Service; Legal 500 rating Property as Tier 1 under his leadership and it having been maintained to the present day. Richard's own property capability was second to none.

Jason Green recalls Richard's sabbatical in the mid 90's when he, as a junior advocate, was thrown into the deep end of running the Property Department while Richard was on extended leave.  That was when Jason's hair turned grey.

Richard was not an overt salesman of the firm.  He was, however,personable, well liked and well known, particularly within the sporting community.  I doubt he was interested in the necessary processes of business development.  He was not a PACE man.  His personal connections brought in, over the years, a number of significant clients and transactions.  He would often walk into the office and just ask you to ring someone.

Finally, he was the Senior Partner of Collas Day in the period 2006-2007 when the firm faced its greatest existential threat from two former partners who did not share Chris, Sean, Jason, myself and Richard's desire to develop and progress the firm.

Richard showed great resolution in dealing with this threat and was Senior Partner of the new Partnership formed in 2007.

Without him, there may well not have been a Collas Day or a Collas Crill and all our paths would have probably gone in different directions.

There are lots of other great memories I have of Richard but I would rightly be accused of being sentimental.

Without Richard, we would not be who we are today.  He has left his mark.

Ian Kirk / Partner
Collas Crill

Pictures of the funeral courtesy of the Guernsey Press