Gardenia Lodge - The new home of Win Eker

Click here for pictures of Win's new home and her room

Below is the journey from Charlie and Sally Ogier's house
to Gardenia Lodge in video and with a map

Route taken in video
This video is 5 minutes and 25 seconds
long, the time it takes to make the journey
The video was taken with a Samsung 7" tablet, in its case, hanging from the car's sunvisor and a piece of bent metal to stop it swinging about too much. It's all technical stuff!

Video works in Firefox 26 and Chrome 31 (but not in Chromium or Opera). It has NOT been tested with Internet Explorer as I do not use Windows software. If it does not work, or you can't see it, you can download it by right clicking on this link and selecting "Save link as.." (or similar)

Charlie Ogier 26/12/2013
Written in Seamonkey running on Linux Mint 13